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Looking for Something Different

Looking for Something Different, July 2023

The solo exhibition "Looking for Something Different" was presented in July 2023 at "Tedar" curated by Marina Posner.


The exhibition utilized a visual language of fragmented shapes, words, and sentences, a monochromatic color scheme, and symbolic elements defying gender norms. Its inspiration draws from Dadaist ideology and the works of Marcel Duchamp.


The exhibition's central theme revolved around love, specifically the early stages of falling in love and its potential. Most of the displayed pieces explore the intricacies of relationships through a minimalist cubism design, which allows for exploring the heart, soul, and instinct. This artistic language conveys that the soul yearns for love and seeks to connect with something more significant. This design style encourages observation from multiple perspectives while simultaneously creating a sense of tension and dissonance in the viewer.

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